Touch •Talk workshops

About: "Touch•Talk workshops" teaches the wonderful world of digital arts & electronics using the visual programming language - MaxMSP/Jitter/ Arduino & Teensy.

Topics: Interactivity / Sound Processing / 2D & 3D Visual Processing / Electronics / OSC - MIDI & basic networking communication

For who: Artists & Designers • Musicians • DIY tinkerers • University & College level students

Levels: Beginner • Intermediate • Advanced

Custom formula: Design your own workshop.                                                                                                                                                                 "

"Touch • Talk workshops" offers the possibility for you to built your own workshops where you decide beforehand what topics to be covered, addressing your specific needs.

Click on the links below to view the different types of course syllabus offered

Beginner MaxMSP Jitter/Arduino      Exclusive Jitter Visuals   •   Intermediate MaxMSP Jitter   •  CustomController building (Arduino/Teensy) 

Duration: Workshops are typically between 24h to 32h divided into 4-6 hour classes.

Presentation language: Being a bilingual instructor, workshops can be given either in English or in French.

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