• Taking the "artist's fear of computer programming" away by demystifying what MaxMSP is and isn't;
  • Learning the basic functionalities of the Max language through example patches that we will reverse engineering together and individually through mini assignments;
  • Learning about the magic of building sequencers to control sound, videos, and hardware (i.e. arduino).


  • Triggering things with basic sound (amplitude) analysis;
  • Building a versatile sound sampler and learning methods for using it in real-time with interaction;
  • Building a solid signal based slicer with Cued time (transport) triggering.


  • Building a visual sampler/scrubber;
  • Doing interactive video analysis (computer vision) of color and shapes;
  • Video mapping on multiple 3D objects using a single projector;
  • Internet: sending/receiving videos between computers over the Net;
  • Cross software video communication with Syphon.

MaxMSP/Jitter combined

  • Using Max as a Main pilot to control parameters of other software
    for example, Ableton Live (sound and video) /Logic/ Modul8 / iTunes.


(*** this is not an Arduino course. We'll be using Arduino to enable MaxMSP to communicate to real world objects. The C code for Arduino will be provided)

  • Demystifying what a microcontroller is and what it can and can't do;
  • Understanding what sensors are and how they work;
  • Cover the very very basics (+) (-) of electronics.