• A quick overview of Max basics;
  • Learning autofill menu and filepath creator;
  • Building tools for live performances (ie. Tap tempo/real time automations etc.);
  • Morphing values with [autopattr];
  • How to create our own standalone applications.


  • A quick overview of MSP basics (samplerate /Vector size);
  • Advantages of controlling Data with MSP;
  • Building sequencers (2 types) directly into buffers for extra timing precision;
  • Multi-samplers: the study of polyphony and voice allocations;
  • Sculpting sound with Granular synthesis (building our own).


  • A quick overview of Jitter basics;
  • Discover the world of openGL (transforms / Geometry Primitives);
  • A quick overlook of Jitter's physics engine capabilities;
  • Building a visual granular synthesizer and understanding the importance of this method used by video players such as YouTube;
  • Using poly~ for voice allocation;
  • Using Jitter objects to parse data from the Internet;
  • Jitter networking pipeline methods.