•  What is it - what can do it - and how can I use it built my own custom software controllers;
  •  Learning the very basics of electronics;
  •  Learning electronic components (resistor, capacitors, diodes, transistors, relays);
  •  The two circuit types (Series Vs Parallel);
  •  Efficient and practical design;
  •  the basics of soldering (the correct way to avoiding cold solders);
  •  electronics for controllers in a nutshell (on-off / variable (PWM)).


Arduino & Teensy

  • Why use Teensy over Arduino and vice versa ; how do they differ;
  • Importing Teensyduino Library for full IDE compatibility.


Arduino IDE (compiler software)

  •  Learning very basic C++ programming;
  •  Hacking codes that mean something to us.


MAXMSP and other MIDI assignable software

  • Making the Arduino & Teensy talk to MaxMSP;
  •  Learning the basics of MIDI assignments;
  •  have our custom controllers trigger audio/visual samplers.