For over 20 years now, Plastic Fruit a.k.a Philippe Hughes is an Interactive software designer/Composer/ Musician / VJ / Instructor. 

Interactive design & programming

He has developed interactive systems for several projects such as; "Lumina Borealis", "Muse Drone Tour", "The Getaway Tour (RHCP)", "Northen Lights" an annual installation on Parliament Hill, “Renaissance Hallways” a permanent installation in Nyc; “Omnis Interactive” presented in Barcelona; “Burj Khalifa 148” a permanent installation in Dubai; ADC Awards Traveling Exhibition presented in Nyc, London, Barcelona and Berlin; 21 Swings presented in Montreal.

Composer & Musician

As a songwriter, he's written the score to “Water Journeys” a Vortex production, as well as performed music for the web series “In the Mouth” a Lusio Films production. He was invited as a guest speaker to present his work in festivals such as Elektra:lab and was hired as a consultant for several projects such as “21 swings”, a permanent installation located in “Le quartier des spectacles” in Montreal.


He is the author and instructor of “Touch•Talk Workshops”:  a course aimed at teaching interactive programming to visual artists / musicians / tinkerers.  This workshop was given on several occasions at the Oboro modern arts gallery” and as a “special training program” for the staff of the visual arts department at the Cégep de l'Outaouais”.


He has carried out many international musical collaborations and was hired as a MaxMSP/Jitter Arduino interactive designer by companies & artists such as Moment FactoryNeo6, GSM prjct˚, Réalisation Inc., Sid Lee, Les ateliers Guyon, Freeworm, Vincent Pasquier, Maotik, Brigitte Henry, Mouna Andraos, Martine H. Crispo, Philippe Lauzier, Monique Jean, Alexis O’Hara and Yako.


MaxMSP Jitter- Gen (nodal glsl) -Touch Designer - Reaktor - C for Arduino

Arduino - Teensy - Kinect - Leap motion - Oculus rift - Ipad custom controllers (MIRA, Touch OSC, Lemur)